Seven Tips for Picking a Neighborhood for your Home Search


There is so much to consider when buying a new home. Not only do you have to consider the type of home you want to purchase but also the community in which you will be living. After all, you may find the perfect house but hate the area it is located in. Before you begin looking at homes in mclendon chisholm tx, you should consider these seven tips for picking the right neighborhood for your home search.


  1. Why are you moving? – Be honest with yourself. Are you moving because of work, you’ve outgrown your current home, ready to buy? Does your current neighborhood no longer meet the needs of your family and lifestyle? Do you want to live closer to family or amenities? Figure out what your current neighborhood is lacking and your new neighborhood will need to have in order for you to be satisfied.
  2. Ask questions – Get firsthand accounts of what it will be like to live in the neighborhood’s you are considering. Ask family, friends, and current residents what they like and don’t like about living there.
  3. How are the neighborhood amenities? – Are you active? Do you want to live in a swim and tennis community? Do you prefer a community with hiking and biking trails as well as sidewalks? Would you like convenient access to places of worship, parks, restaurants, shopping, and recreational facilities? Consider the access to these amenities when picking a new neighborhood.
  4. What’s the neighborhood vibe? – Do you see kids outside playing or riding their backs? Are people walking their dogs or out for an evening stroll in the community? Seeing these things usually means people feel comfortable safe in the neighborhood.
  5. Do a nightly inspection – Just don’t visit the neighborhood during the day. See what it looks like afterhours and also on the weekends. This will give you a better idea of what the neighborhood is like and if the community is calm, noisy, etc. 
  6. Do you have kids or want them? – If you are a family with kids or planning for them in the future, buying a home in a good school district should be important to you. The school district that you choose to live in can affect the value of your home but also your children’s future. Research the school district’s in your prospective neighborhoods, check out their ratings, and visit the particular schools. It’s important to ensure the schools will meet your child’s learning needs. We also suggest meeting with the principal, administrative staff and teachers and allowing your child to visit the school to get a feel of them as well.
  7. What’s the commute time? – Will your new neighborhood at extra time to your daily commute? If so, are you okay with this or would you like something closer to home? These are all factors to consider when choosing your next neighborhood.


Hopefully by following these tips and being honest with yourself about what you really want in and out of a community you will be able to find a great neighborhood to find your dream home in. And since you are in the market for a new home we hope that you will consider a home by Altura Homes. We build in four homes in mclendon chisholm tx communities including Chisholm Crossing IV, Kensington Park, Lariat Estates, and Sonoma Verde. Contact us today at 888-972-1979 to learn more.