Six Tips for Creating a Minimalistic Home


Too much clutter in a home can take away from the true beauty of your home. A minimalistic home is more visually appealing and is easier to clean. In addition, a cleaner, more simplified home can cause you and your family more peace. Here are six tips for creating a minimalistic home.


  1. Keep surfaces clear – One of the ways to achieve a minimalistic home is to keep the surfaces of your home void of clutter and other unnecessary items. Limit the number of knick-knacks you put on tables and shelves as well as appliances on the kitchen counters. For example, have a framed photo on a hallway table or a desk, a case with beautiful flowers on your coffee table, or a coffee pot and toaster on your kitchen counters.


  1. Donate, recycle or throw out – Only keep what you need and donate items to your new homes in Dallas TX, or throw out and recycle anything you no longer want, need or use.


  1. Do you really need this item?  – Before making a purchase you should really ask yourself, “Do I really need this item?” Are you purchasing it because you really need that item or because it’s on sale or looks good? Don’t just purchase something because the space is bare and you feel the need to fill up that space. Buying unneeded items is a sure way to amass unwanted clutter in your home.


  1. Essential furniture items only – There’s no need to have a ton of stuff in each room of your home. Only have what you need and have furniture that fits the space. For example, a bedroom may just have a dresser, a night stand or two, and the bed. The living room could have a TV, book shelf, end table(s), couch, and maybe a coffee table. Too much furniture is not necessary to achieve a minimalistic home.


  1. Minimize collections – Do you love music, movies, and books? They’re great but can take up a lot of space and create clutter in your home. Make the move to digital and or keep the amount of books, movies, and CD’s you display to a minimum.


  1. Put things back immediately – Clean up after yourself immediately and don’t allow messes in your home to accumulate.


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