Get Your Home Organized After the Holidays


Now that the 2016 holiday season has come to an end it is time to get your home organized. Here are several tips for cleaning and getting your home back in order. 


  1. Holiday décor – If you’re like most of us you’ve probably waited until the last minute to take down your holiday décor. Protect your Christmas ornaments by using storage boxes with compartments. For your holiday lights, throw out any that aren’t broken and replace bulbs where applicable. Use coat hangers or cardboard to wrap the working lights around to keep them untangled until you need them again. Before throwing out your tree see if there is any place around your mclendon chisholm tx homes community that is still recycling them. 


  1. Holiday cards – Don’t throw these away. Recycle any holiday cards you do not want to keep. Place the cards you want to keep in a plastic bag. They can be used next year to create a Christmas card wreath, photo display, photo garland, etc.


  1. Give your home a thorough cleaning – From baking to cooking dinners throughout the holidays it’s important to give your kitchen a deep cleaning. Take everything out of the fridge, throw out any leftovers or expired foods, wipe down the shelves, and then neatly put your food and condiments back. Wipe down the outside of your refrigerator, appliances, and cabinets. Clean the windows and wipe down the walls in the family room, dining room, etc. Get your carpets and floors professionally cleaned. The deep cleaning and floor scrubbing will do wonders after all of the holiday traffic in your home over the holidays.


  1. Straighten up the guest bedroom – Did guests spend the holidays with you? Strip the bed and wash the sheets. Clean the mattress by vacuuming and deodorizing it. Wipe down surfaces and vacuum the carpet. Make the bed with fresh sheets and a comforter for your next mclendon chisholm tx homes neighbor, family member or friend who will be an overnight guest.


  1. Rearrange furniture – Your home may look a little lackluster now that your holiday decorations have been put away and your Christmas tree has been taken down. Consider rearranging your furniture to give your home a new look this year.