The Most Inadequate Home Improvements Tools


One of the benefits to purchasing one of our homes in Fate TX at Woodcreek means you won’t have to worry about home repairs right away. However, eventually there will come a time when you will need to fix things around your home. Here are the tools that you would think would be helpful but seem to be more useless and not worth the price.


Automatic hammer – It may seem as if an automatic hammer will save you time and money. However, it won’t. You’ll spend more time hammering after the fact because this product doesn’t put the nails into the wall or wood fully. 


Craftsman 8-inch Mach Adjustable Wrench – The reviews are in on this product and most consumers say to stay away. From being too bulky and breaking easily to not grabbing well at all, the Mach Adjustable Wrench is one that you should avoid. It may be good for small fixes, such as fixing a bicycle quickly, but it’s one you won’t miss if you decide not to purchase.


Electric bench drill press – To call this tool useless is an understatement. Many consumers believe this tool lacks precision, isn’t smooth, and was not built adequately to do its job. Pay the money for a table drill press instead of going cheap with this product that runs about $45.


Magnetic stud finder – Though this sounds like a brilliant tool, it is not. The magnetic stud finder does not automatically find your screws and nails, but you’ll be spending time searching for them since the stud finder must be right on top of the nail or screw for it to move it. And once you find it, make sure you pencil the mark right away so that you don’t lose the spot.


Vice grips – Going with an off-brand can sometimes be a great thing. Not only do you save money but the product you buy does the same thing as the real thing. This is not the case for knock-off Vise Grips so we suggest sticking with the brand name.


Altura Homes would like to hear from our homes in Fate TX homebuyer’s. What home improvement tools do you find to be the most useless?