Cute, Unique and Functional Pet Doors for your Home


A pet door not only provides much needed freedom and independence for your pet but it can also give you a break from having to let your dog or cat outside or inside of your new home in melissa tx. Consider installing one of these cute, unique and functional pet door ideas that makes it for your four legged furry friend to come and go they please.       


Cat or dog shaped silhouette – Garner inspiration from your pet for this idea. Draw a silhouette of your pet on the door for them to be able to go through and head outside. The silhouette is also perfect for a door where your pet can access the litter or food.


Doggy house and door – It’s a cute idea. Install a regular doggy door as you normally would. On the outside of your house you will then add a doggy house directly in front of the doggy door. It will block people from trying to crawl into the door and provides overhead protection for your pet. Place a dog or cat themed mat in the room of your house so that your pet can wipe off their paws upon entering the home.


Pet door to nowhere – The pet door doesn’t have to lead to anywhere specific. In fact, you can install a pet door on the side on the wall and place a blanket or bed in that space to give your dog or cat a place to chill and lounge.


Porthole cat door – This porthole for your cat will evoke a nautical look into your home. Your cat can slip in and out of the door at their leisure. This is recommended usually for small or medium sized cats.


Secured pet door – An electronic or magnetic door will give your animal access to the outdoors only at certain times. Most will give your pets the ability to pass through with an ultrasonic transmitter collar or a specialized key. These usually have a dead-bolt locking mechanism that will help to keep intruders out.


Wood pet door – You can hire a professional or DIY to install a dog or cat door into your wood door with the traditional aluminum flap. Ideal placement is either in the door leading to your back porch, the kitchen door on the side of new home in melissa tx or in your garage. If you plan to DIY, all you need to get is a pet door from the store, saw, and a screwdriver. Make sure you take accurate measurements to ensure you’re buying a door that your pet can fit in and out of comfortably. Take this look up a notch by painting a unique design or even a dog or cat house around your pet door.