Tips For Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter

Decluttering uses

Deciding to clear your home of regular clutter is hard enough. It becomes even tougher when the clutter you’re supposed to get rid off has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. And chances are, you have plenty of sentimental clutter in your home that’s preventing you from conducting an honest-to-goodness decluttering.

Letting go of sentimental items is tough, but it needs to be done. You cannot keep every single item with sentimental value that you have accumulated your entire life, can you? Unless you have a big enough storage space for all the letters, gifts, birthday cards, and old clothes that bring fond memories, you have to get rid of them if you want to stay sane. To help you out, here are some tips for letting go of sentimental clutter.

Evaluate your memories of the object

More often than not, the sentimental value we associate with objects revolve around a person, place, or time. Now if you determine that you can keep those memories in your mind without the physical object, then there is nothing that should stop you from getting rid of them. The memory will always be more important than the object, after all.

Don’t go guilt-tripping

One of the very reasons why some people can’t let go of certain items is guilt. They would feel guilty about throwing away something that a friend or loved one gave them all those years ago. Get rid of any feelings of guilt if you are serious about decluttering. We’re sure that whoever gave you that now-mummified bouquet of roses eons ago would understand—or not even mind—if you finally throw them away.

Digitize your memories

It’s probably safe to assume that you have a smartphone or a tablet with an excellent camera. So instead of letting your old love letters, papers, or master’s thesis eat up a lot of space in your home, why not take pictures of them and store those images into your computer’s hard drive or even in the Cloud? If you have, say a prom dress that you’re fond of but can’t seem to get rid of, wear it one last time, take a selfie, and toss it out for good. Now that is closure.

Donate your clutter

Some of your sentimental clutter may no longer be of use to you, but they could help the less fortunate. That favorite sweater of yours can help keep a homeless man warm. Do you keep your old toys? Think of all the children in an orphanage who will be overjoyed if they get their hands on them, and you should be letting them go with a smile on your face.

Remake, repurpose, or recycle your clutter

Let’s just say that you really don’t want to part with some of your clutter. That’s okay, but maybe you can do something to create something new out of them and retain their sentimental value at the same time. Do you have old picture frames that you got from your mother? Then you can repurpose it to become a jewelry organizer that you can hang on your wall. What about that now-broken down bicycle your dad got you when you were a kid? Well, you can use stick its wheel on a low ceiling and hang pots and pans from its spokes.

Getting rid of sentimental clutter is never easy. Hopefully, these tips can help make letting go of them a bit easier.