Tips To Help You Lower Your Heating Bills

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Heating costs take up a significant percentage of an American household’s budget, especially for those who live in a region with extremely cold winters. However, while inherently costly, heating bills don’t have to be that high. If you live in an area where temperatures often go south, know that there are some easy adjustments you can make to lower your heating bills. Here are some of them.

Bundle up

Instead of turning the heat up, gather all your warm clothing and accessories and put them on. Winter sweaters, bonnets, mitts, and warm socks can all help keep you warm and comfortable. Insulate the floor with an area rug and keep throw blankets on your couch for good measure.

Don’t forget the sun

No matter how cold it gets during the day, the sun will still be up there giving off warmth. So keep the curtains open to let the sunshine in, particularly on the windows facing south. When night sets in, close the curtains to keep whatever heat you gathered to remain indoors.

Don’t heat rooms you never use

If your home has rooms that aren’t in use, like a guest room or a storage room, then you should seal off the vents there to direct the flow of heated air only to the rooms that are in use.

Use a humidifier

The air inside your home tends to become very dry during really cold spells. You may need to use a humidifier to make the air moist and make you feel warmer in the process. Some plants can also help boost the humidity in your home.

Don’t heat the neighborhood

Heat naturally escapes through the walls, windows, and ceilings, but some homeowners help the process along by neglecting to keep all doors and windows shut, or by turning on the bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans unnecessarily. You should keep all the doors and windows closed, and use only the ventilation fans when needed.

Turn down the thermostat

You will hardly notice the difference in heating if you lower the thermostat by a few degrees. What you will notice, however, is the 5 percent to 10 percent off your heating bill. Do the same thing if you’re leaving the house.

Keep your filters clean

Your furnace or heat pump tends to work harder—and therefore use more energy—when its filters are dirty. If possible, clean or replace your filters at least once a month.