Three Decorating Ideas for Your Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook is a multifunctional area that can be used for eating, sipping coffee, doing homework, reading the paper, clipping coupons, entertaining guests and so much more. All of the new homes in desoto tx in the Sheridan Parc community include a kitchen nook. Use these three decorating ideas for your breakfast nook 1.Bright and Beautiful – The natural light in your kitchen is radiant. Have white whimsical sheer curtains that you tie back to allow the natural light to illuminate this space. Paint your kitchen walls a subtle, neutral color. Add pops of color in your seat cushions and pillows as well as table settings to accompany this bright space.

JP Morgan Chase Considers Dallas for Employment

Things in Texas continue to get bigger and bigger, especially in Dallas. Dallas is becoming an employment hub as many companies are relocating to this great city in the Lone Star state. According to Johnny Johnson, the executive managing director with commercial real estate firm DTZ, “Dallas continues to appeal to a broad range of large national companies for a host of reasons.” Dallas is especially appealing to companies because of the abundance of labor, moderate climate, great housing, lower home prices and the fact that Texas has no personal or corporate income tax. These business developments are sure to have a positive impact on sales of new homes in dallas as more and more employees will need to find homes in Dallas as their companies relocate here for work.

Questions to Ask Before Buying First Home

Buying your first home will surely be a memorable occasion. Buying your first home is also one of the most important purchases you will ever make it your lifetime. Here are some questions to ask yourself before starting on the journey to become a first time homebuyer. Are you really ready? Though you may think now is the perfect time to purchase a home you must ask yourself, “Are you really ready?” If you aren’t looking to live in the home for at least the next five years then now is certainly not the time to buy a home. But if you are looking to stay in the home then congratulations, you’ve picked the perfect time to purchase your first home.

Selecting the Best Floor Plan for You

There are many factors to consider when you are house hunting. Though a home may look good you have got to ask yourself: “Will it accommodate your needs and lifestyle?” Use these tips for selecting the best floor plan for you. As you tour various homes for sale in crandall tx it is important to imagine yourself living in the home and doing things. Is a single story or multistory home better? Will an open floor plan or closed floor plan work best for you? Do you need an office? Do you like to entertain? Can you see yourself hosting dinner parties or holiday gatherings in this home? Will stairs hinder mobility? Do you have to older relatives or kids? Do you prefer an upstairs laundry room or one on the first floor?

Hot Paint Colors for 2015

The right paint color can really transform your space and help turn your house into a home. Here’s how you can decorate your new home with these new hot paint colors for 2015! Chalkboard paint For parents with children chalkboard paint will be a great addition to your home. It’s an ideal alternative to traditional kid’s rooms that are blue or pink. Chalkboard paint allows kids the opportunity to express themselves creatively, and hopefully prevents them for using one of your favorite walls as their own personal canvas. Chalkboard paint is good for a kid’s bedroom or a play room and is available in different colors other than black. It is also easy to apply and washable.

Tips for Decorating Large Windows

Window treatments come in all different colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. Therefore, finding the perfect way to decorate your windows can be challenging. Large windows can especially be problematic because there is so much more area to cover than average sized windows. Here are several tips for decorating large windows in your new home! One way to decorate your large windows is to frame them out with elegant drapes. Don’t forget to add a decorative curtain rod and tie-backs to finish off the look to create a fabulous theatrical like element, just like they are in the theater or movies. Dazzling décor placed above your windows can really make this space pop. Attention will be drawn upward and then out of your large windows for everyone to enjoy all the view. You could also be inspired by dressing up the space with natural furniture, like wood, to match the natural element and natural light your windows provide.

15 Easy Ways to Live More Green in 2015

It doesn’t take much time or effort to live green. Not only does living green help the environment but it will also help you save money. Altura Homes in Sheridan Parc include energy savings from ceiling fans, gas water heater, low e windows, programmable thermostat, radiant barrier and 16+ SEER AC. Here are 15 easy ways to live more green in 2015 To go along with the above mentioned energy savings at your new home in desoto tx. 1.Do not rinse dishes before putting them in your dishwasher. 2.Do not pre-heat the oven if you’re not baking break or making pastries. 3.Do not open the oven door to check on your food. This temptation will waste heat.

Community Profile: Kensington Park

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The town of McLendon-Chisholm was incorporated in October 1969. Located just east of Dallas, McLendon-Chisholm has a population of 2,190. This small town is in close proximity to quality doctors, healthcare providers and hospitals. Altura Homes is a top ranked Texas home builder that offers quality new homes for sale in McLendon-Chisholm TX. Altura’s Kensington Park community is priced from the low $400’s to the low $500’s. Home buyers can choose from six floorplans ranging from 2,011 to 5,227 square feet. These one and two-story floorplans include four to five bedrooms and three to five and a half bathrooms.

Advice for First Time Homebuyers

The home buying process can be downright overwhelming for any homebuyer, let alone for first timers. With so much to consider some homebuyers don’t know where to start when looking for the home of their dreams. But being well-informed can help prepare you for your home buying experience. Here’s advice every homebuyer could use during their journey for purchasing their first new home in greenville tx. Location, location, location has been a real estate agents mantra for years and for good reason. You may find the house of your dreams but it could be in the wrong location. It’s important to pick a community that fits your lifestyle. Gabe Estates is one of the newest communities in Greenville. It is close in proximity to Dallas and near plenty of shopping and dining. Residents will attend school in the great district of Greenville ISD.

Ways to Enhance Your New Home in Rockwall Entryway

The entryway is the gateway into the rest of your home. It’s the first impression guests will have of your home so is important to make this area absolutely stunning. Here are five tips you can use to enhance your Fontanna Ranch new home in rockwall tx entryway. 1.Install a bench to for family members and guests to put on or take off their shoes. Place the bench as close to the front door as possible to encourage everyone to remove their shoes when they first enter your home. This bench will also give visitors a convenient and comfortable place to sit while they wait. Look for a bench with built-in cubbies for extra storage and to house extra socks for guests to wear when at your home.

Altura Homes is Now Building in Sonoma Verde

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Altura Homes’ classic quality and craftsmanship coupled with a decidedly upscale approach to new home design allows us to build the future of new homes one customer at a time. We are now building in the Tuscan-inspired master planned community of Sonoma Verde. Sonoma Verde features an amenity center, parks, planned church, playground, pool, retirement community, and walking trails. The amenity center is great for the entire family to enjoy and conveniently accessible anywhere within the community. Sonoma Verde is located in the Rockwall-Heath ISD. Students of this community will attend Springer Elementary, Cain Middle School, and Rockwall-Heath High School.

What Stays and What Goes When Moving?

Many homes in wylie tx homeowners have to make tough decisions regarding their belongings to prepare for an upcoming move. Deciding what should stay and what should go is a necessary evil. Here’s what you should keep in mind when moving into your new home. 1.Assess your belongings – Evaluate belongings in every room of your home before you start to pack. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” and “Will this fit in my new home?” From there you should divide items into keep, donate, giveaway or throw out piles. Duplicates or broken items should not make it to your new home.

Prep your Fireplace this Winter

With colder temperatures here to stay the time has definitely come to retreat to the comfortable confines of inside your home. And many new homes in dallas tx homeowners are probably thinking along the same lines: “it’s time to light up the fireplace.” After all, there’s nothing better than spending a cold winter’s night sitting around a warm fireplace. Use these 10 tips to prep your fireplace this winter. 1.Clean your fireplace before lighting it up for the first time. Because your fireplace is new just give it a good sweep for cobwebs and dust.

Community Profile: Summer Meadow

Altura Homes is ranked as one of the leading homebuilders in Texas. Our homes are uniquely built with classic quality and craftsmanship with an upscale approach to new home design. The affordable, spacious and family-friendly community of Summer Meadow is located about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. Summer Meadow has a playground located inside the community and has nearby golf courses, hiking trails, parks, and shopping at Desoto Shopping Center and Uptown Village in Cedar Hill.

How to Blend Colors Between Rooms!

Open floor plans are found in each our Altura Homes’ crandall homes for sale in the quiet community of Trinity Meadows. Incorporating a harmonious color scheme is the perfect way to blend colors between rooms with an open floor plan. Here’s how to accomplish this look throughout your new home. Choosing the right colors to decorate your new home isn’t rocket science. Draw inspiration from what’s around you. Pull from inspiring colors found in accessories, artwork, furniture, sports teams, university colors and even colors that go with nature. Now that you’ve been inspired, it’s time to pick out a couple of accent colors or two or three neutral colors.

Community Spotlight: Fontanna Ranch

The stunning, master-planned community of Fontanna Ranch is a wonderful place to live that has lots of greenery. Residents can take advantage of nearby shopping and restaurants as well as activities on Lake Ray Hubbard. Located in one of the fastest growing county in Texas, Fontanna Ranch is roughly 30 minutes from downtown Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Fontanna Ranch offers large new homes in Rockwall TX of outstanding quality all for an unbelievable price. Altura Homes currently has two homes for sale in this community. Priced for $301,016, the first is 3162 Luchenbach Trail. This two-story, 2,792 square foot home is of the Chateau B plan and includes four bedrooms, three and one half bathrooms, a two car garage, optional extended porch and plenty of storage space.

New Homes in Forney TX Fall Gardening Checklist

With cool weather and the autumn season upon us, it’s time to do some seasonal maintenance on your garden. Follow this checklist to get your garden prepped for winter so that you’ll have beautiful blooms this spring. 1.Time to Plant – Though each of our new homes in forney tx comes with beautiful landscaping you can always add to it. If you choose enhance your landscaping, do so now. Planting at the beginning of fall is an ideal time because you’ll give your bulbs, plants, and/or trees enough time to get healthy to bloom come spring. We suggest planting at least four weeks prior to the first frost and to distribute enough mulch to protect the plants from the winter climate.

10 Social Benefits of Homeownership!

Are you in the market for a new home in fate tx? Studies show in addition to reaping financial benefits there are many social benefits to owning a home as well. Here are 10 ways you and your family can benefit from owning a home. 1.Greater life satisfaction, self-esteem and happiness 2.Higher housing prices in communities with higher homeownership

Thrift Store Shopping Tips!

Thrift stores have gained popularity these days. Nothing beats going through racks and shelves of a thrift store and coming across a bargain or uncovering a great find that you can repurpose by putting on a fresh coat of paint or reupholstering it. Get your thrift on by following these thrift store shopping tips. 1.Ideal Locations – Just like in real estate, when it comes to finding a good thrift store it’s all about location, location, location. Nicer thrift stores are usually found in nicer areas. These stores usually have better inventory and items that haven’t been picked over as much.

Tips for organizing your closet!

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The weather transitioning to cooler temperatures means it’s time to switch out clothing for the new season and organize your closet. An organized closet reduces clutter, saves time, will give you more space and also help lengthen the lifespan of your clothes. Consider these tips for organizing your home in forney tx closet. Fold Laundry Never hang t-shirts or sweaters. These should only be folded because hangers will ruin the shape of the clothing. Place them in sweater boxes or stock them on shelves, using sweater dividers to keep them from falling over.