North Creek: Labor Day Party Ideas!

Labor Day is this coming Monday, September 1 and usually marks the end of the summer. But before you bid adieu to the summer host a party at your new home in north creek, melissa tx. All-American BBQ Plan an All-American BBQ at your home. No Labor Day BBQ celebration is complete without hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, steak, skewers, veggie burgers and other meats and veggies you’d like to throw on the bill. You can’t go wrong chips, salsa, guacamole dip for appetizers and potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans and corn on the cob for side dishes. For décor outfit your backyard with twinkle lights, American flags, red, white and blue cutlery, napkins and tablecloths to complete your All-American BBQ.

Tips to get your family back in school mode!

Altura Homes wishes all of our students a wonderful and successful 2014-2015 school year. Our Fontanna Ranch community is located in the Rockwall ISD. Students head back to school on August 25th. With the first day of school quickly approaching here are a few decorating tips to get your family back in school mode. Whether writing a paper, studying for a test or completing a homework assignment, comfortability is essential for students. A great way to invigorate a study space is by adding an area rug and throw blanket. Not only will this make your students comfy but these items will add color and texture to the space.

Community Spotlight: Fontana Ranch Rockwall Tx

Located about 30 minutes from downtown Dallas is the city of Rockwall. Rockwall is the fastest growing county in Texas and part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. People are friendly, schools are excellent, summers are hot and humid and winters are generally mild to cool. Altura Homes is ranked as one of the top builders in rockwall tx. Altura Homes builds in the family-friendly new home community of Fontanna ranch rockwall. Fontanna Ranch is located in the prestigious Rockwall ISD and offers an on-site state-of-the-art elementary school. Fontanna Ranch is more than a neighborhood. It’s a community with big city amenities and just minutes from Lake Ray Hubbard with popular shopping, restaurants, and lake activities.

Homemade Cleaners for Green Cleaning!

DIY green cleaning products can protect you, your family and pets from toxic chemicals commonly found in store bought cleaning products. Use these five inexpensive, homemade and environmentally-friendly cleaners to green cleaning your future new homes in forney. 1.All-purpose cleaner – Throw your store bought multi-purpose cleaners away and make your own. Pour 2 tablespoons of baking soda and ½ cup white vinegar into a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle up with water and add about five drops of an essential oil (lavender or lemon work perfectly). Shake well and let sit for a while before using. Your homemade solution can be used to clean, disinfect and or eliminate bacteria and germs from bath tubs, cooktops, countertops, floors, kitchen sinks and other surfaces.

7 Things to Keep in Mind for Your New Neighborhood

From proximity to highways and shopping centers to concerns about how good the educational system is and the commute to work, there are many factors to consider when thinking about moving to a new area. These issues can have a major impact on your decision to buy or not to buy in a particular area. Having a values audit mindset simply means you’re taking into account non- quantifiable characteristics to discover what a community is really about and if you’d really enjoy calling the prospective neighborhood home. Here are seven other components to consider when selecting a new community.

Dallas Texas home builders July 4th celebratory ideas!

Altura Homes, your favorite Dallas Texas home builder, wishes you and yours a safe and great Fourth of July holiday. Check out these star studded Independence Day celebratory ideas. 1.All-American BBQ – No Fourth of July let is complete without an all-American barbecue. Invite your neighbors over for a festive time. Have a menu with all the BBQ favorites including ribs, chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, grilled veggies and watermelon. Wash these down with patriotic cocktails, sangria, beer and kid-friendly beverages. Don’t forget the red velvet cupcakes to get in the dessert spirit. Since it’s the Fourth of July your color scheme is already set but mix it up a bit with various patterns of red, white and blue. Plastic cutlery and cups make for an easy clean up. Keep guests entertained with bubble wrap hopscotch, DIY ring toss game and a pie eating contest to name a few. A karaoke machine is perfect for belting out patriotic tunes.

Community Overview Gabe Estates Greenville TX

Greenville was established in 1846. A town rich in culture and history, this North Texas city was named after Texas Army General Thomas J Green during the war of independence from Mexico. It’s the largest city in Hunt County and a place full of educational, cultural and professional opportunities. Though rich in tradition, Greenville still has a lot of room for continued growth making it a highly desirable place to live. Gabe Estates of Greenville TX is one of Altura Homes most sought after communities. Located in the Greenville ISD, Greenville High School is home to a globally recognized robotics program. With homes starting from the $140’s, homebuyers can choose from 12 floor plans.

Tips for Lowering Your New Home in Rockwall Spring Energy Bills

Homeowners are always looking for ways to lower their energy bills. One way is by turning off products not in use, like a light or ceiling fan when you’ve left the room. Here are 5 additional tips from Altura Homes, your premier new home builders of Rockwall Texas, to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine as a way to help reduce energy bills at your new home. CFL or LED Lights – These ENERGY STAR light bulbs, also known as Compact Fluorescent Lights and Light emitting Diode, use less energy, produce less heat, last longer and are overtime less expensive than incandescent bulbs. Late Night Cleaning – There is a higher demand for electricity during the day. Doing laundry, running the dishwasher or other appliances at night helps reduce energy production and water cost.

Desoto Ranks 4th As Nation's Leading Housing Market

The housing market in Desoto is bouncing back amid low unemployment rates, strong population and job growth. A survey conducted by ranks Desoto #4 as the nation’s leading housing market in 2014. Location, affordability, inventory, steady employment and time on the market were all factors taken into account to determine the top housing markets. The boost in the housing market can be attributed to a lot of first time homebuyers. According to Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move Inc. and operator of, “In transitioning from renters to owners, new buyers pay property taxes and other fees and taxes associated with homeownership that benefit local schools and services.”

How to Maintain Your Fontanna Ranch Fireplace

A fireplace is an amenity that instantly provides a cozy area to snuggle up around. Maintaining your fireplace is a necessity. Use these tips to protect your family, belongings and new home in the Fontanna Ranch in Rockwall community. 1.Get your chimney and fireplace inspected annually by a professional. Check it occasionally throughout the year for blockage since animals, leaves and debris can enter the chimney.

Essential Things to Remember for Your Move into North Creek

There are many details to remember when it comes to moving. So from the major ones to minute details, we’ve compiled a list to help you prepare your move into the Melissa TX new homes community of North Creek. 1.If you plan on using a professional moving service, make a reservation a month before your scheduled moving day with an insured company. 2.Reserve a moving truck a few weeks before moving day if you’re going the DIY route.

Subtract the Clutter out Your Life Before Your Big Move

Life can sometimes be chaotic. Throw packing and moving into the mix and it can get downright overwhelming. But with proper planning and preparation you can execute an extremely efficient plan to rid yourself of clutter before moving into the Trinity Meadows new homes in Crandall TX community. 1.We all know doing too much at one time can spell disaster. Therefore it’s best to tackle one project at a time versus multiple projects. Working on a closet here and then a bedroom there will help keep you organized and sane. 2.Take stock of your belongings and assess its purpose. Ask yourself, “Is it actually feasible to bring into your new home, do I really need this and why?” From there categorize your belongings into give away, keep and donate piles.

Create an Inviting Bathroom for Guests to Enjoy

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home. And whether a guest stops by for a couple of hours or stays overnight, they’ll most likely have to make a pit stop to your powder room. Consider these tips to create an inviting environment that’ll accommodate the needs of your guests. Soothing paint colors can produce a calming atmosphere for guests to freshen up in, while a bold paint color scheme can really make a statement. But colors don’t have to come from paint. Consider dressing up your walls with craft paper, fabric, tile backsplash or wall paper to really enhance the guest bathroom.

Choosing a Reputable Company for Your Move is Vital

Trust and dependability matters when it comes to selecting a moving company. Check out this list as you prepare to move into your Greenville TX new home. 1. Get an in-home estimate from several moving companies who will assess your belongings and base their decision on your household goods. The written estimate will inform you of the cost upfront, helping you avoid extra chargers and other surprises later. 2. Though selecting a mover with the lowest price may be tempting and seem like the best idea initially, you may not be happy with your decision when it’s all said and done. The bottom is getting your belongings delivered safely from Point A to Point B in a timely fashion.

The Keys to Year Round Home Organization

Let’s face it, staying organized is a must do task that doesn’t always come easy. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to help get and keep you organized. Use these tips to create a habit of organization at your new home in Royse City TX. 1.Assess habits – Do the kids come home and leave a pile of clothes in the middle of their bedroom floor? Do you prepare and cook dinner but don’t clean up right away? Do you forget to put something back after using it? Do you then wonder why you’re straightening up so much? Remember, it takes 30 days to form a habit so recognize those clutter leading traits so you can change them and be well on your way to having a well organized home.

Oak View Acres Community in Kaufman

Kaufman TX provides homebuyers the delight of small town living close to the big city. Located just 30 minutes east of Dallas, Kaufman is close to plenty shopping and dining amenities. Oak View Acres in Kaufman TX is one of the most sought after new communities in the area. Built by Altura Homes, this single-family home community is ideal for providing a sense of belonging, building lifelong friendships and creating lasting memories.

New Year�s Resolutions Every New Home in Desoto Homeowner Can Stick With

Each year many people make New Year’s Resolutions that don’t make it far into the New Year. But 2014 is the year to make New Year’s Resolutions you won’t drop the ball on. Check out these 5 resolutions every new home in Desoto Summer Meadow homeowner can stick with. Deep Clean – Don’t wait until springtime to clean. Give your home a thorough cleaning to start the year off right. Do this on weekly or monthly basis to keep your home clean, organized and clutter free as the year progresses.

Trinity Meadows a Great Community in Crandall to Call Home

If you’re interested in country living close to the big city, then Crandall is the place to reside. Conveniently located 27 miles southeast of Dallas TX, Crandall has a very low cost of living, sunny weather, great schools and is near plenty of shopping and dining. Trinity Meadows is a wonderful neighborhood near the Creekview Golf Course. Our home sites area easy to maintain and have an ample amount of space for family run and backyard activities. The 9 beautifully designed floor plans in this new home in Crandall TX community include Jefferson, Heritage, Beaumont II, Albany II, Prescott III, Aurora, Grand Prescott III, Newcastle II and Nelson II.

Now is the Perfect Time to Purchase a New Home in Dallas

The saying goes, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” And this definitely rings true for this economically thriving state. This influx of people has made the lone star state America’s fastest-growing state in a housing market that’s steadily bouncing back nationwide. The city of Dallas has seen an increase in housing prices. The latest Standard & Poor’s/Case Shiller Home Price Index shows housing prices in Dallas has risen 9% from August 2012 to August 2013. With a thriving housing industry that’s expected to remain competitive and on the rise in 2014, now is the perfect time to purchase your dream new home in Dallas.

Family Friendly Design Benefits for Your Melissa TX Home

Homebuilders are building floorplans to fit the needs of active families. The community of North Creek offers an array of kid friendly new homes in Melissa TX floor plans ideal for families of today Master bedrooms in our family-friendly homes are on the main level or separated to one side of your new home for privacy. Additional bedrooms are grouped together and situated on either the second level or away from the master. First floor bathrooms are convenient for residents and guests. Jack and Jill style bathrooms teach kids to share while providing them with their own private and separate space.