Relocating Advice

Relocating can be a stressful time period in a family’s life. Whether you’re moving across town or from out of state, ease the stress by being prepared for your move. Follow these tips for relocating to Dallas/Ft Worth. Objectives Are you moving because of work, wanting a second home, needing to be closer to the kids or your parents? Access the purpose of your move to figure out what you’ll need.

Now is the Perfect Time to Purchase Your First Rockwall TX New Home

If you’re in the market to purchase your very first home, look no further than the Rockwall TX new home community, Woodcreek. Located about 25 miles northeast of Dallas and near plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment, this family friendly community is equipped with wonderful amenities for you and your family can enjoy. These include a fitness facility, sports field, Junior Olympic-size pool and splash park, play area for children, media and conference room and outdoor patio.

Discover Which Floor Plan is Best for Your New Home in Dallas TX

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There are many elements to consider when looking for a new home in Dallas TX. One of the major factors is selecting a floor plan that’ll best suit your family’s needs. Not only should you think about your present needs, but make sure to take into account the future when searching for a home. Choose a floor plan that will accommodate additional family members (baby’s, kid’s returning from college or in-laws moving in) or that will allow you to transform a bedroom into that art room you’ve always wanted when someone moves out.

Makeover Designs for Your Rockwall TX Garage

A garage is known for storing motor vehicles. It’s also used for keeping the extra freezer, gardening tools, sporting equipment and other things. But just because a garage is known for this doesn’t mean it has to actually be used for that purpose. Some garages have been adapted into playrooms, media rooms or in-law suites. But what other ways can you transform your garage into a more vibrant and livable space. Here are two great makeover designs for your Rockwall TX new home.

Say Yes to Decorating No Nos

There’s always grey area when it comes to rules and therefore not every rule has to be followed. Altura Homes suggests you say yes to these three decorating no no’s as your prepare to decorate your new home in Dallas TX. Curtains meant for windows only There’s no denying curtains are great window treatments. But curtains weren’t strictly meant for windows. Create mystique for what’s behind the curtain by hanging above doorways. You can also enhance a space by using curtains in your theatre room, outdoor living area and walls.

Kitchen Recycling Solutions

It’s time to start recycling and stop throwing away items that are recyclable. Altura Homes suggests these 3 recycling units to recycle in your new home in Desoto TX kitchen. Compost Caddy A compost caddy is the perfect kitchen recycling solution for discarding kitchen waste. The compost caddy fits nicely under your sink or cabinet and allows you to compost kitchen scraps discreetly. Eligible kitchen scraps include eggshells, coffee filters, tea bags, meats and bones. Caddy compostable liners or compostable bags makes emptying your compost caddy clean and tidy. Some bags are even biodegradable. Empty your caddy at least twice a week and don’t let your compost stay in the caddy for more than a week.

Getting to Know Your New Neighbors

Now that you’re all moved in, you probably just want to sit back and relax, right? But before you get too comfortable in your Rockwall TX new home, it’s important to get out and meet your new neighbors. Read these four tips below to find out how. 1.Neighbors who live in close proximity to your home should be first on your list. There’s nothing wrong with knocking on their front doors. But instead of asking to borrow some sugar, introduce yourself. You should also use moments when your neighbors are working in their yard or getting out their car to say hello. Kids can be a great icebreaker if both have them.

Brighten Your Home for Winter

Winters can be unpleasantly cold and dreary, and Dallas is no exception. But don’t let the gloomy weather dictate how your home looks. Read below for ways to brighten your new home in Dallas TX this winter. Clear up the mess It’s amazing how clutter can make a room seem small and dark. Put things away and organize your home. By cleaning up the clutter in your home you’ll open up the space in a room making your home lighten up.

How to Pick a Paint Color for Your New Home

Congratulations on purchasing your home. The next step is selecting the right colors for your new home wylie tx. Here’s how to pick a paint color for your new home. 1.Red - Red is a stimulating and dynamic color. Whether you use it as an accent wall or paint the whole room red, this paint color is sure to make any room in your home standout. 2.Pink - Synonymous with little girls, pink is a sweet and youthful color that produces warm and happy feelings.

Exterior Lighting Tips

Outdoor lighting does more than just provide light. It changes the look of your area while setting the mood of your outdoor space. Consider these five exterior lighting ideas for your new home in Desoto tx. Ground-mounted torches Add ground-mounted torches to illuminate your garden pathway. This type of lighting can also outline your porch to light up your area while relaxing or entertaining outdoors.

Maximize Storage at your New Home with Multifunction Furniture

Maximize the space at your new home in Rockwell, TX with furniture that does double duty. Multi-function furniture can increase the storage space at your new Altura Home. Here are a few ideas from Altura Homes. Share your best storage and space saving furniture with us on Facebook. 1. Futons and daybeds can double as beds or extra seating for guest. Use futons, daybeds or pull out sofas as a couch in your living room or a seating area in your office or spare bedroom. When holiday guests spend the night, simply fold out the futon or daybed for a comfy sleeping space that doesn’t take up much space at your new home in Rockwell, TX.

5 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

Do you still have a home to sell before moving into your new home in Dallas? Try a few staging tips during the slower months to help sell your old home faster and move to your new Altura home sooner. Share your best staging tips with us on Facebook! Clean your entire house. Potential homeowners do not want to walk into a dirty house. Clean the inside and outside of your home to make everything sparkle and shine like new.

4 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Is your new home in Dallas ready for seasonal Fall weather? Try these easy tips from Altura Homes to help save you money and keep your home in tip-top shape as the seasons change. How do you prepare your home for cooler weather? Share your best tips with us on Facebook! 1. Change your filters. You should change the filters of your HVAC unit regularly. Definitely change the filter for your furnace before you begin using it for the season. Also, have your furnace serviced before you need to use it this Fall. Don’t forget to clean your air ducts while you are changing your filters so your heating system will work more efficiently and you can breathe cleaner air.

4 Tips for using a The Design Gallery

Looking for a little guidance when choosing upgrades and features for your new home in Dallas TX? Altura Homes has partnered with The Design Gallery, a full service studio, to help you customize and choose the best designs, features, décor and upgrades for your new home. The creative consultants are trained to help you find the best options for your new home. To help you prepare for your design experience, try these four tips from Altura Homes. Share your tips or Design Gallery experiences with us on Facebook. 1. Make a list. It’s time to round up all of your idea boards, pins from pinterest, magazine clippings, HGTV inspirations, etc. and compile a list of features, décor, and updates you like and would like to see in your new home in Dallas TX. A list of things you already like will help your creative consultant pull designs you will like more quickly. It will also help start the design conversation about the style of your new home.

4 Tips to Choosing the Right Floorplan for You

Choosing the right floor plan for you is an exciting step when searching for a new home in Dallas, TX. Altura Homes has a variety of new home floorplans to suit any lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose the perfect floorplan to match your family’s lifestyle. Share your favorite floorplans with us on Facebook. 1. Consider your family size. Do you have kids? Do you have elderly parents that might move in with you one day? Are you an empty nester upgrading or downsizing your space for family? Will you need extra space for family during the holiday seasons? Search for a floorplan that will accommodate your family size, now and in the futures, so everyone can enjoy your new home comfortably.